Friday, September 5, 2014

So Many Things!

There's just been so much going on, you wouldn't even believe it!

Dorothy will officially be here in less than two weeks, which we are all so very excited about and probably a little stressed out about too, to be honest.

Dorothy and my first official bathroom selfie in the new home! 
37 weeks 1 day. 
We closed on our first family home yesterday, which was so awesome and I'm so happy the dogs and the kids will be having their own backyard.

Can you even believe this awesome cake our realtor made for us? Who knew she made cakes! I think I might have to order one for when Dorothy comes home they are so amazingly yummy.

Speaking of realtors, our realtor was Heather Balusek, she works with Keller Williams.

 Not only did she find the perfect home for our multi generational/huge family, she would meet us after our normal work hours. She would look at three or four houses in one day with us, and did whatever it took to make us know that we were important to her, to make sure that we found what we really needed for all of our needs. Adding to that, she was only a phone call, text message or email away at all times. 

I can't even tell you how comforting it was for our family to know that whatever questions we had, or houses we wanted to look at, or concerns she was always right on the ball and always got back to us extremely promptly, usually within minutes to be honest.

I can honestly say, that she went above and beyond her duties as a realtor and if we are ever looking again she will be the first person that we contact.

If you're looking to buy, sell, rent, or anything having to do with realty, I highly suggest you contact Heather.

Heather and Johnny, with his Nana and Papaw - proud first time homeowners! 

Papaw and our new little home!
 What are some of the milestones your family hit this summer? I'd love to know!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nesting with IKEA

A couple of years ago Ikea opened a store only about 15 minutes from where I live in Round Rock, Texas. Since my very first visit to said store, I've been pretty much obsessed. 

Here's where I admit that most of our furniture comes from Ikea.

Some of which our bed, night stands, tv stand, and Johnny's crib, dresser and shelf for his room. 

Although I love all of our current furniture, I have one small problem. It's all white! With a big move coming up and a new baby on the way, I thought a few upgrades and some color would be nice. 

Since we received the new IKEA catalog in the mail a few weeks ago, I've already started labeling things that I want to slowly get together for our new house.


Here's a few things I thought would be nice for the new place. 

I'd love a seating area in the master bedroom, so a little loveseat and one of these of the awfully nice for storage and to add a bit of color.

I would also really like a couple of new nightstands like these, they'll add color and once again storage is always super important!

These green baskets I've picked up three of them, to use for laundry and toys for Johnny. I want to pick up a couple more and get rid of Johnny's toybox all together because it's wood and I want something a little bit more kid friendly that maybe he could pull out on his own or around the house if he wants to.

Also baskets like these are super useful because I can put them in a couple different locations around the house, and the toys in that room can go in that basket. It's really awesome because it saves my back personally and I also want to start teaching Johnny how to put away his own toys like he puts away his own clothes.

These are just a few examples of the things I want to pick up from IKEA. There's a whole catalog full of things that I want to buy.

Where's your favorite place to shop for furniture and home goods? I'd love to know!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

We Have A Date!

Well, it's official! We have a repeat C-section date, September 18, 2014!

Baby Boy Bogus (left) 2013, Baby Girl Bogus 2014 

We are so excited to welcome Dorothy Lynn into our world in the next few weeks, and to make Johnny and Sailor big brothers!

Hopefully she will not decide to make an early appearance and I'll actually make it to our scheduled date. But I can't wait to dress her in pink and frills and lace and everything extremely girly :-)

We have a big move coming soon, in fact in just a few weeks right before she's due. I am definitely ready to be nested and moved in and maybe have a tiny bit of time to relax before she actually gets here.

What big life events are happening for you this year?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Necessary Naps

When I was pregnant with Johnny, I was a stay at home wife and dog mom. It was totally great because I got to nap whenever I wanted and take it easy. My napping buddy then was my lovely Sailor Bear. 

This pregnancy, I have two napping buddies, Sailor and Johnny. These days the only naps I get are when Johnny gets a nap in about once a day. 

I love letting Sailor into our bedroom, taking his collar off so he's in stealth mode, and curling up with both of my little guys. 

I've been embracing these days, as they are short lived. Dorothy will be here mid September, and I know that it will be a very long while before I get Johnny and Dorothy on the same schedule for naps, if I ever do.  

I feel a little guilty also, because Johnny will never remember curling up in bed wrapped up in my Mama arms, it being just us two. I know that in the long run that's probably a small thing and there's no need to feel guilty over it. I'm giving him a little sister to play with, protect, annoy and tease. 

I'm very excited to have a daughter to dote upon and dress in frills and pink, but it's a very bittersweet feeling knowing that I didn't have more one on one time with my little man. 

How have you fellow moms delt or deal with mommy guilt? 


Monday, August 4, 2014

Black Kids!

One week from today I will finally be able to see this band play live! 
I was introduced to them about five years ago by a good friend, and I've been kind of addicted to music ever since. 

Black Kids are kind of like a young poppy version of The Cure.

Tons of their songs are definitely reminiscent of the legendary band, which of course you know I love because The Cure is one of my favorite bands.

Here's a few clips from YouTube, to give you an idea of what their musical repertoire is like.

I'm Making Eyes At You

Parti Traumatic 

If you're in Austin on August 11, I definitely suggest you check out the show. Tickets are eight dollars if you preorder online and $10 at the door at Red 7


All Trouble.