Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Johnny visits Mt. Playmore!

Mt. Playmore is the largest indoor playground in Central Texas. What kiddo doesn't love fun games, yummy food, and to be able to play until their heart's content? 

Johnny was impressed by their menu and loved his grilled chicken and sidewinder fries! 

I'm happy that Mt. Playmore offers a pretty extensive menu, including salads, burgers, pizza and loads of other yummy treats! 

Their prices are comparable to other kid friendly activity spots, and the food is definitely top notch taste wise, which is always a lovely surprise for us parents! 

 Mt. Playmore also has 1400 square feet of toddler play area, which was our mail draw. It's filled with toddler friendly toys, activities and things for the littles to safely play on (with parental supervision of course.) 

There's also a huge play area with tension floor webbing, padded poles, and cushioned thresholds for the older kids to enjoy. I can't wait until Johnny gets a little older and can explore that part as well. Until then, we're more than happy to hit up Mt. Playmore anytime he needs to burn off some energy indoors and have a yummy snack too. 

I'd definitely recommend bringing your kids, nieces and nephews, and grand kids here for a fun time out of this Texas heat! 

Be sure and check out their website for more info and admission prices! And visit their Facebook for up to the minute info on what's new and upcoming events! 

I was not provided any free entries or food for this review. All opinions and photos are my own. 



Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our Little SoCo Adventure!

Today I took Nana and Johnny to my favorite pizza place for lunch downtown. It's called Home Slice Pizza and it is excellent! Unfortunately, parking downtown Austin is not always an easy task. We ended up parking about two blocks away from the restaurant and walking down.

Walking on the sidewalk, we were approaching a woman and her two daughters . The woman was dressed very trendy and her daughters had cute little summer dresses on. As we passed them on the sidewalk, my mom said "Sissy! ". At first I assumed that it was maybe someone my mom used to work with, until I looked the woman more closely. It was Sissy Spacek and her two daughters! 

My mom mentioned something to her about loving her movies, she told Johnny that he was very cute, and we spent about five minutes visiting with her and her daughters about carrying babies during the summer time, and how both of our kids were carried during the summer also. 

We did not ask her for picture, or her autograph we just wanted to visit with her for a minute and she was extremely sweet! She showed just as much interest in us as we did in her. 

We then made our way down to Home Slice and wrecked shop on a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza. Johnny ate almost a half-size all by himself, maybe a little bit more.

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Weekend Road Trip!

Saturday we took Johnny to see his great grannies R and B. We stopped by first to see Granny B. She lives out kind of in the middle of nowhere, on a couple hundred acres of former ranch land.

Here's the barn in Granny B's property.

We had a fabulous time visiting and catching up and talking about raising babies. 

Johnny and I were sad to say goodbye.
Kisses to Granny B. before we go!! 

We then headed out to see Granny R. & Uncle Jay. They too live out in the country, about a quarter mile from the local lake. We weren't able to take a picnic or swim in the lake, but we did drive the 10 miles into town and eat at the only Chinese Food place - it was so yummy! 

Cuddles with Granny R. 

I managed to get a few more pictures while we were there. 

Johnny giving his great uncle cuddles and playing with his new birthday toys from Granny R & Uncle Jay. 

Johnny and Daddy taking in the scenic beauty of the countryside. 

Mom aka Nana hanging out at the marina where she worked for 12 years with her daddy who ran the recreational area and did repairs on boats. 

Saying goodbye to our lovely little road trip. 

We had so much fun and were so happy to get the chance to spend a little time with Johnny's Great Grannies. 

What did you do on this beautiful Mother's Day weekend? 

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Glory of Local Online Garage Sales

Just recently discovered online garage sales. Their all local within 10 miles give or take, people post items that they no longer want or use, then you can meet up and buy the item. 

I really love this, because being a mom of one and constantly busy I no longer have time for my favorite past times, garage sales! 

I've joined several groups on Facebook and purchased a couple of things so far. An awesome shelf for the house are moving into and a ladybug ride on toy for Johnny and hopefully Dottie will use it one day too. 

My $15 vintage shelf! 

Be sure to check Facebook for garage sales in your town/city and surrounding areas. You never know what you'll find! 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Buda TX Dachshund Races and Country Fair

The Buda Lions Club held their annual Dachshund Races and Country Fair to raise funds this last weekend of April, the 26th & 27th at the Buda City Park. This weekend was also a cook off for people who wanted to barbecue or make chili and a bake-off for all of those bakers out there.

I entered the bake off with a peach cobbler and also brought one for the auction. Although I didn't place with my recipe, my peach cobbler that was auctioned off brought $15! 

There were cute dachshunds, all perfectly behaved, and a few other dogs were brought to. Tons of booths to satisfy all of your dachshund needs, such as doormats,T-shirts, toys,and there were even a few booths so you could apply to adopt a dachshund, which I thought was great. 

This event is an excellent chance for the whole family to get out and have some fun while donating to a great cause. 

For more information on the Buda Lions Club and all that they do, please visit their website at http://www.budalions.com 


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