Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Mother's Struggle.

These past few days I have given a lot of thought to identifying Dorothy as Special Needs. 


For many people, when they hear Special Needs, they think of someone with a mental disability. 
For myself, growing up with a mother who worked at the state school throughout all my life, I am one of those people.

I don't feel that I am in denial about Dorothy's medical status, it's just that I don't see her as a special needs baby. 

Sure, she qualifies for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and 30 hours a week of at home private duty nursing. She's on a surgically placed g-tube with 20 hour a day continuous feeds.  She's on two life long medications now, and will likely be taking more daily as the years pass. But when I look at her I don't think of or see a special-needs baby.

I just look at her and think of how far she's come, and I know that our future holds lots of doctors appointments, and I guess really yes she is Special Needs because of all of these things.

It's just like when she was in the hospital. Enduring all of those tubes in her nose and her mouth, keeping her alive, feeding her, helping her to breathe, providing her medicine and feedback to the doctors about her health status.  

I didn't see all of those things. All I saw was my little baby. 
Laying in that hospital bed, being on what really boiled down to life support (that was a altogether separate epiphany for me, weeks after she'd been there). I was able to look past everything and just see my daughter. 

Of course I worry about what her future looks like socially being a Special Needs child. But ultimately, I really want her to learn that although she may be special, it's in a good way. That it's nothing bad or to be ashamed of. 

Every person is different in their own way and that is to be celebrated, that is not to be feared. 

Every mother wants their daughter to know that they're not only beautiful, but smart, strong, brave, and to know their worth in this world. I am no exception. 

How do you deal with whatever bumps in the road that have been thrown at you? 

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Friday, January 16, 2015

My IG Family.


I read it time & time again: IG is a community. Until Dottie was born, I didn't fully understand or appreciate that fact. But it IS a fact. For example, this beautiful package Dottie and I received in today's mail from @stephbrown. 


Having other moms like she and @atliston reaching out to us, sending us beautiful care packages and kind words, serves as such amazing validation that although times are tough lately, we are never forgotten. Being loved on and raised up for doing what I should be doing, just being a mom and doing my best, makes me feel so connected to motherhood. As moms we ALL work hard to keep our babies happy, healthy, and content. I'm no more special or work any harder than any other mom at that. We have some special circumstances, sure. Surprises like this beautiful hat for Dottie or a Starbucks gift card for myself means that these fellow moms GET IT. They understand how hard being a mother is to begin with, as well as the difficulties that I face on a daily basis. And having people understand you like that is completely priceless. I want to take a moment and thank everyone who sends me messages of encouragement, comments, or even likes my pictures, because I know that there's that many more people who understand what I'm going through. That in order to make it through the day sometimes, you just have to have a really good sense of humor about things and keep it moving the best you can. 

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dear Dorothy,

Having you home this last month has been one of the most difficult and rewarding times in my life. Juggling you, your laundry, the ever-growing list of daily duties has been a real struggle for this stay-at-home mama. It's also been kind of a challenge to balance time between taking care of you and spending time with your big brother Johnny.

Seeing how much Johnny adores you, and how you smile at him anytime he is near, and how he brings you his binkies and toys when you're crying because someone's changing your diapers or cleaning your G-tube, fills this little mama's heart with joy!

 We are literally supposed to hear back today about your private duty nursing. 
I certainly hope that we can get a little bit of help, because I think it'll help mom balance life a little bit better, and probably have a better attitude on those really rough days.

Your last remaining great grandparent, Granny B would really love to meet you so hopefully we can take you on your first road trip in the next couple of months when the weather is a bit better. 

I know you and I will have a sometimes difficult lifelong journey together, but I couldn't be happier and more pleased to have you as my daughter, you make my world so much brighter.

We all love you so much and are so happy that you're home with all of us! 


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Little Roseberry Review and Giveaway.

One of the biggest things for me is finding quality organic baby care products, this is where Little Roseberry comes in! 

Little Roseberry is a natural line of personal care products for babies and kids. There are absolutely no hidden ingredients in their products, which makes it a easy choice for the daily care of my babies! 

Want to win a set of your own Little Roseberry Berry Shiny Hair & Body Wash and Hair Detangler to try out on your little one?

Here's how to enter: 

1. Follow @RoseberryBrand and @TheTattooedType on Twitter and Retweet the giveaway tweet. 

For an additional entry, sign up for the Little Roseberry newsletter, which is located at the bottom of their home page. 

That's it! Two ways to enter, so be sure and do both to double your chances to win! 

Winner will be randomly selected and announced via Twitter on 12/7/14. US residents only please.

Products were supplied by Little Roseberry for review and giveaway. All photos and opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More Made from Earth Goodies!

It's so important to us as a family to purchase and support businesses that are 100% cruelty free, because we love our pets and wildlife. It's also important to myself as a mom that our home uses as few harmful chemicals as possible, which makes me so happy that I can count on Made from Earth as my go-to place for shampoos, conditioners, body wash, and vitamin c moisturizers, among other things. 

I've recently started using their Tea Tree & Protien Herbal Shampoo, and I must say that it's pretty much like nothing I've ever used before. I really love that it's for all hair types, meaning my husband and myself can both use it and get the same fantastic results. The plant based ingredients leave my hair super clean without drying out my scalp, and I have to also admit that I really love the Tea Tree and Herbal scent left behind after my shower. That wonderful scent gently reminds me that I'll be squeaky all day!

I'm also currently using the Peppermint Herbal Conditioner. Peppermint is a proven scent that relieves stress, which most of us need on a daily basis. This conditioner coats my hair, without leaving  it feeling or looking oily. 

Made from Earth also make a Vitamin E & Citrus Body Gel that is a personal favorite. I've always had a huge crush on anything with a citrus scent, and this is no exception. With ingredients like Organic Aloe Juice and Grapefruit, Lime and Lemon Essential Oils, this body gel cleans wonderfully while leaving you with a light fresh scent. 

What are some of your favorite all natural scents to use in your home ? 

Items were provided by Made from Earth for review. All opinions and photos are my own. 

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