Sunday, May 24, 2015

Citrus Clear

I've had issues with adult acne since I turned 21. I went through various products that promised clear skin, with no luck. 

Still to this day I struggle with acne. After having my two beautiful babies, my skin went just crazy. 

I was so happy that Citrus Clear offered to send me several of their products to try on my sensitive skin. 

I started with the Citrus Clear Pore & Blackhead Extracting Mask

I tried this wonderful mask the day my box of goodies arrived. I definitely noticed that it dried on my skin fairly fast, which is great for those mornings when I'm in a hurry. My skin was softer after only one use, and after about three uses my pores were definitely smaller and my blackheads and my trouble spots like the chin area and cheeks were more smooth to the touch. 

Over the next week, I used the Sensitave Face Wash. My face seemed noticeably brighter and less oily almost immediately.  I also love the natural Tahitian lime scent.

After using the Sensitive Face Wash in the shower, I use the Sensitive Moisturizer. This product absorbs quickly and doesn't leave my face oily. 

The Grapefruit Spot Treatment can be used up to 5 times a day on existing acne and those pesky oily skin areas. 

The Tangerine Tingle Face Scrub can be used as a scrub or face mask, which is great. This scrub will remove all of those dead skin cells and stimulate fresh, new skin cells leaving your face bright, clean and super happy! 

Be sure to take a look at Citrus Clear's entire line of natural and holistic skin products and try a few out for yourself, I promise you won't be disappointed. 

The products mentioned in this review were supplied free of charge for use and review. All photos and opinions are my own.  


Monday, May 11, 2015

Fun at Touch A Truck

We had a blast at Touch A Truck this weekend, and even took Nana with us. This event is truly fun for the whole family! 

I thought I'd share some pictures with you all and I'm so happy we were able to support Austin Children's Services  while having a fantastic (trucktastic?) day out with the whole family! 

I loved seeing Johnny's face when he got to sit in all of the trucks and construction equipment and can't wait to take the babies again next year! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Touch A Truck - Austin

Touch-A-Truck is a seriously fun, family oriented event. Bring your littles (or bigs) to see and experience all of the different types of vehicles that service and help their community! 

Our son, Johnny, just turned two and is completely obsessed with anything large with an engine. Be it construction trucks, fire trucks, or even big rigs, he loves them all. I'm so excited to take him to this event on May 9th at Camp Mabry here in Austin starting at 10am. 

The best part of this event, is that it raises funds for Austin Children's Services. 

Don't miss out on this event, besides awesome trucks and other vehicles, there will also be food trucks, a petting zoo, and face painting among tons of other fun things! 

You can purchase your tickets here, and my family and I will see you out there! 


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Baby Rabies!

Is this normal? When pregnant with Johnny? I SWORE I only wanted one. When he was 3 months old, I decided then that we would have another. Then I was sure we were done after Dottie. I keep saying that we are done, but in my heart I feel like I could and want to continue having more. Is it hormones, or baby fever or something? How can I be fully sure I am done? Realistically, I am busier than I've ever been in my entire life, and with Dottie's medical needs, I can't imagine being a really good mother to more at this time in my life. Does anyone else struggle with being done having babies? ������


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sweet Berry Farm - Marble Falls,TX

Last week Johnny, Nana and I had the pleasure of visiting Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, Tx which is about an hour outside of Austin. 

Johnny took to strawberry picking like he'd been doing it all his life, and we had so much fun! 

Sweet Berry Farms provide you with a cardboard basket for .50 to put your picked strawberries in, and once you've finished picking you pay for your berries by the pound. 

We went mainly for the experience, not the berries, but we came home with a little over a pound of berries for $4. 

Sweet Berry Farm also offer pumpkin picking in the Fall, among other fruits and veggies depending on the season. 

There's also tons of activities for your little ones like feeding the goats, scarecrow making, flower picking and hayrides in the Fall, among tons of other family friendly things. 

Follow them on Facebook for up to the minute updates on the weather, crop and mud conditions. They're absolutely great about keeping on top of those updates, so you know exactly what to expect!


My Littles

My Littles