Friday, November 27, 2015

Giving Thanks

I know it's a day late, but I was busy spending quality time with the family yesterday to post. I certainly do hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving, however that looks for you. 

For myself, I spent the morning with Dottie on my back in the Ergo carrier, in the kitchen helping my mom cook and prep for Thanksgiving. And because it is tradition at our house, we also watched the Macy's day parade and then the dog show afterwards on TV.

We all ate way too much turkey and stuffing, rolls and mashed potatoes, but I can tell you that no one laid down for a nap that afternoon with an empty tummy! 

So on to sharing what I'm thankful for.

I am so thankful for this handsome little fella. I just think he's a beautiful child inside and out and I'm so excited to see what the future holds for him. Christmas this year will be a really big deal because now he's 2 1/2, and he certainly has his preferences as far as the things that he likes. Darth Vader seems to be this week's favorite. He's also really into transformers, so I think will definitely have to get some of those for his Christmas stocking. 

I'm also thankful because this Christmas, we will be going to pick up my Uncle Jay, and he will be coming to spend a few days with us at our house for Christmas. Typically every year we would go down to see my grandmother and uncle, but since my grandmother passed away last year, he is his own for holidays more times than not – that makes me really sad. I wish he lived a lot closer so he could spend a lot more time around the babies, he really is so great with them. But, if nothing else he will be with us for Christmas and I'm very thankful for that.

And of course, who could forget this little girl? This time last year her daddy and I were visiting her in the hospital. She still has a feeding tube and was still confined to a hospital bed for most of her days. Last Thanksgiving we ate lunch with the whole family, then her dad and I went to the hospital and I decorated her hospital room with Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree, while her dad he held her and talk to her and let her nap in his lap. I'm so happy that she has come so far in the last year. She's eating Mills on her own, crawling in cruising anywhere and everywhere she dares, making messes like a typical baby her age should be. And most of all I'm so thankful that her health has gotten so much better. It certainly has been an exhaustive and intense last year, but it's just things that once you get through it – you're so much stronger and braver in the and then you ever thought possible.

Even though it may sound a bit cheesy, I'm very thankful for all of the bumps in the road that we've had in the last year or so. It has shown me that love really does conquer all because you're willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that everyone's taking care of and happy. It just goes to show that some of the things that you think will break you, really do only make you stronger. 

And I am thankful for all of you. All of the people who sent me good thoughts during all of this last year, all of the prayers that have been given to us, all of the people who contributed to Dorothy's medical bills. I was raised to appreciate the things that people do for me. I was always told that people do things for you out of the kindness of their heart, because they want to. And I truly believe that and I truly, truly am thankful for everything. There are no words for how supportive everyone has been.  Just knowing there are people out there who love my babies and care about myself and my husband – it means so much to our family. 




Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Beautiful Teething Jewelry from Minted Lane

Cheeky Simmons (I just love her name) is the owner of a fabulous shop called Minted Lane. Minted Lane sells baby-safe, BPA free, PVC-free, functional and absolutely stunning silicone teething necklaces and bangles.

Not only are these goods awesome to look at and teethe on, they're also made out of non-toxic, food grade silicone, and are FDA complaint.

I've had the pleasure of trying out the "Jane" teething necklace which features mint, cream, and gray silicone beads. I was also sent the mint bangle, which is kind of the perfect arm candy for any outfit.

I especially love the colors in the Jane necklace, but really any necklace or bangle at the Minted Lane would receive dozens of compliments when worn out and about. The best thing is that these teething necklaces can be work with or without kiddos, they're just that chic and versatile.

I've worn them dressed down with jeans and a black tee, as well as dressed up for a blogger event recently. My fellow bloggers went crazy over this necklace and bracelet combo - and I know why - because they're just so darn cute!

I really love how lightweight the bangle and necklace are. Any of the jewelry from this shop would make an excellent gift for anyone - there's no need to have babies to wear this jewelry. Although, I have to admit this would probably be one of the best gifts you could give to an expectant mother, or someone who has a teething baby. What a life saver on those rough teething days.

Lord knows you'll have PLENTY of those days with a little one, so a product like this really comes in handy to soothe the savage baby beast.

Be sure and follow Minted Lane on Instagram for up to the date jewelry releases and fantastic gift ideas and deals!

Want to purchase your own beautiful Minted Lane jewelry? Use code APRIL30 for 30% OFF minimum orders of $12. 

The code expires Friday night at 11:59PM EST, so get to shopping! 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pride Socks - Our Story

When Dottie was born and transferred the night she was born to Dell Children's Medical Center due to Pulmonary Hypertension, Johnny was at the hospital with the whole family. I remember vividly, the first time Johnny saw Dottie at DCMC. She was hooked up to numerous tubes. Feeding tubes, breathing tubes, lines going into her belly button to monitor her blood pressure closely, to give her life sustaining medicine.

Upon seeing his two day old sister in this state, Johnny didn't seem scared, rather his face read of concern. He was only 17 months old, and unable to comprehend anything happening around him. I had Dottie on a Thursday via c-section.  Friday I signed myself out of the hospital I gave birth at, my mom picked me up, and we drove to Dell Children's where I spent the next week by Dottie's side 24/7. 

As time wore on and the days at DCMC ticked by, I learned that life with Dottie would be vastly different than it was our first time around with Johnny. The clearer this became to me, the more I thought about what this meant for our family. I was especially concerned with John's quality of life as it pertained to having a special needs sister. 

I decided, even before Dorothy got out of NICU, that I would make every effort to normalize life for both of my children, paying special attention to to letting Johnny slip through the cracks, so to speak. 

At 10 days shy of three months old, Dottie came home. It was among the happiest days of my life. But it was also extremely hard. There were medications that she'd be on for life, a g-tube to clean, bags of formula hung to feed her directly into her stomach, and she vomited excessively. This was all part of what she was diagnosed with, and life was spent mainly in survival mode - for all of us. 

Time went on, we got a full time private duty nurse, which meant that I had more quality time with Johnny. Close to a year after Dottie was born, I then enrolled him into a preschool two mornings a week so he could be around more kids his age and learn new skills from his peers. 

I'm happy to say, that most days he and I take a nap together. I'm able to make lunch for him. We spend time playing together in the living room floor with sister, or he helps me clean. He's a great little helper and is an extremely compassionate child. 

This is where Pride Socks comes in. Pride Socks believe that when people are proud of what they're doing, who they are and where their going in life, they have the power to accomplish their dreams. 

Although my dream may be something as simple as making sure my babies are happy with who they are, and I am happy with who I am as a mom, it's definitely something that brings me pride. 

What better way to show pride than with Pride Socks? 


Monday, November 16, 2015


Soap-A-Licious launched in 2011 selling their handcrafted, rugged, textured, cut by hand Spa Soaps

Not only do they offer amazing soaps, made with love and high quality ingredients like Coconut and Palm oils, they also have a complete Body Care line. 

Serving up realness in Lip Balm, Deodorants, and Balms & Oils is only another part of what they excel at. 

Need something for mom and baby? They got you ! With Lotion Bars, Butt Balm and Baby Soap just to name a few - you can't go wrong in the mommy & me department with these folks! 

And who can forget that special man in your life? Be it your husband, dad, or even a coworker who you're looking for a cool and unique gift for, check out Soap-A-Licious' Beard Shampoo! 

Hubs had the pleasure of trying out (and loving, thanks guys!) their Beard Shampoo in Coal

Ladies, we want them clean and they want to smell manly - Soap-A-Licious to the rescue ! 

For all of your good smelling body care needs, be sure to hit up Soap-A-Licious online, and visit them on Instagram @SoapALiciousFL for cool contests and up to the minute information about new products! 

*Soap-A-Licious products were supplied free of charge for review. All photos and opinions are my own. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I AM The Tattooed Type

I suppose the name of my blog could throw people off, because it really is a blog about family first and foremost. 

True Blue - Austin, Texas
My favorite tattoo parlor. 
It's also about who I am as a person. I'm a tattooed mom. Part of the reason I named this blog what I did, is to help people understand that although I'm tattooed, I'm still a great mom. To some of you this may sound like a silly and outdated concept - people think that tattooed parents are less adept at raising children ? 

Jose Palacios - Giving me my newest tattoo.
Some people actually still think that. To be honest, it's sad. I know many tattooed parents who are well educated, have great jobs, who love their kids and take excellent care of them. Unfortunately, there is still somewhat of a stigma attached to being a heavily tattooed parent. Yes, in 2015, some of us are judged for how we look, or what color our skin is - by choice or not. 

And while I can certainly understand someone not agreeing with my particular lifestyle of being a moderately to heavily tattooed mom, I  don't expect them to judge my parenting skills based on my clothes, or how I choose to adorn my body. 

I blog because I'm a mom, I blog because I have something to say, I blog because I'm a mother to a special needs daughter and sometimes need to rant about how life is just plain unfair, I blog because I have a son who I tried for 4.5 years to get pregnant with and I just love sharing his cute face. I blog for a lot of reasons.

I started this blog to show everyone that I'm just like you - tattooed or not - and that we all have loves and struggles in our lives. 

If you'd like to get tattooed at True Blue, start with a visit to their website and meet the artists! 

Catch our daily adventures.